Opportunities in Leading Australian Veterinary Practices

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Australia provides a unique opportunity for veterinarians and nursing support staff in both city and regional areas. Small animal practice is dominated by canine and feline care and an occasional encounter with Australian native wildlife such as possums, kangaroos and local bird life.

Warmer temperatures foster various parasites such as mosquito-borne heartworm, fleas and ticks as well as sun related skin tumours and snakebites.

Veterinarians and veterinary nurses from foreign countries who are interested in working in Australia must check that they have permission to work in Australia and that their qualifications will be recognised.

For visa and immigration information we recommend starting at the website of the, Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs.

See http://www.immi.gov.au/immigration.htm 


Information about qualifications can be obtained from the Veterinary Surgeons' Boards of the various states. See the Australasian Veterinary Surgeons' Board websites for contact details of the state you intend to practice in http://www.avbc.asn.au/index.htm.

If you are interested in working in Australia, and are able to meet the conditions of the regulatory authorities, allowing you to work in Australia, we openly welcome you to contact us regarding job opportunities.


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